nutrient dense


We believe in counting nutrients, not calories. Our plan will restore any depletions you may have while slimming and invigorating. All of our meals focus on seasonal produce combined with Superfoods to ensure you are getting the highest nutrient count possible.



Give your body a well-deserved break from digesting heavy, over-processed foods. Our meals are always prepared fresh, from scratch, with locally sourced ingredients. We abide by the dirty dozen  and only use whole foods to nourish mind, body, and soul.

intermittent fasting

Each day, you'll get breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner, as well as a green juice or almond milk, and homemade vegetable broth. Meals and snacks should be consumed within an 8 hour timeframe. Juice or almond milk, vegetable broth, water, and plenty of sleep is recommended during remaining 16 hours of the day.