Andrea H.

Thank you so much, Bre, for giving me the foods to reset my body and mind. After my 5 day cleanse, I had better focus, more energy, and felt cleaner and lighter. With every bite, I could taste the high quality ingredients and craved more. It was also nice to have a schedule of my meals each day as I could get through my day without ever feeling hungry. You opened my eyes to a better way of eating. I am looking forward to making plant based whole foods a part of my daily lifestyle.
            -      Andrea H.



I just completed the three day cleanse and the biggest takeaway was how the food inspired me to start eating the way she cooks. The food was SPECTACULAR. I truly enjoyed it and have no desire to go back to eating the way I was which was darn clean but not as good as her food. I’ve already done research on four of the items she made for me and have bought ingredients to replicate — as best I can — the meals I got in the cleanse. I eat pretty darn clean but doing this cleanse realized that I can go even further. I was not hungry! Day one…a bit. After that….no. My body got into the groove and I feel like I never want to eat the “old way” again. Thank you for a super fresh take on what my next step in the health journey is!
                 - Dominique

Jonathan D.

I’ve had their CLEANSE and it was amazing!!!! Felt refreshed and put me in a better mood. Didn’t think I was going to be able to survive the 5 Day, but was able to manage and super happy I did this!!! Totally recommend Nutrivenience’s 5 day cleanse!
               -   Jonathan D.

Alex P.

I committed to the 5 day cleanse to kick off the new year, not sure of how I would be able to follow through, and I absolutely loved this! I was worried I’d be hungry & cranky, which usually would make me fall off the wagon. The food in this cleanse is incredible. The food was familiar but the recipes were delicious. I liked that I knew exactly what I was eating and that I was able to have so much food. The fasting period was hard at about day 3, but the immunity broth was really good and helped curb my cravings at night. I loved this cleanse & would highly recommend it!! Bre is so great, she helped answer all my questions and was with me for the entire cleanse.
             -     Alex P.

Kaitlin V.

This cleanse was magic! The attention to detail is amazing, everything is labeled and it’s so easy to follow. The food is so yummy and I never felt deprived. If you love eating at True Food or Cafe Gratutude this cleanse will be such a delightful gift to your body. I lost 11lbs on the week 5-day cleanse, plus I had energy!
                -  Kaitlin V.